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Lonely rock Image Poppy Booth

– Illustration by Poppy Booth –


Set in the ocean somewhere off the Isle of Lewis, the northern end of the Outer Hebrides, Fin, aged only eighteen, finds himself a castaway. Brought up on a croft, he is practical and capable, but as a character is deeply thoughtful. The story is about how he confronts hardships and loneliness alongside the confusion, hallucinations and self-questioning that comes from spending a long period of time alone. The two questions are; can Fin find a way to stay alive, and can he hold onto his sanity.

The story is only partly fictional and occurs in a real place where many of the strange events described actually took place. The adventure that unfolds is notional but plausible and describes a path of survival that many have not come through. It is, in a way, a tribute to their stories, untold, as well as to those who did manage to hold on and pull through.

This is a tale for children and adults alike, although some passages may seem a little abstract for those under ten.

Leo Zinovieff  2010

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